About Me

Hello and welcome

First of all, I’d like to thank a few very important people.


Special thanks to my beautiful wife, Anna.


And to you too, Mom and Dad!


The three of you always make time for me. Be it reading, proofreading, kicking around ideas, laughter and or support. This writing business just wouldn’t be fun without you. 


Thanks you, Julia, for saying, “Pappa, I think what you’re doing is important!” Instead of, “Who is the adult here? Hmmm?”


None of these stories would have ever existed without family, friends and colleagues. As no story is ever completely made up, a big thank you for sharing yours with me. 


Finally, thank goodness for Miss Daisy and Sir Francis. 


Writing is something I have always enjoyed doing. It started in the Navy back in 1984. I had just turned 18 and, after Boot Camp, I was stationed in Italy. Let me tell you, I was seriously missing my friends and family (a lot). This was in a time when we had to stand in line at a phone center on the small island La Madalena to make a call. It basically took a entire day-off to talk to someone back home for 30 minutes (if they answered). Having only one gauranteed day off a week, I mostly wrote letters. Long letters. Really long letters.


After moving to Sweden in 1989, pop music became my main creative fun. This was followed by cooking and after that, I made teaching a creative job. After all, each lesson can be a performance, if you're so inclined.


After teaching some ten years, I had a rather large stroke. Despite the doctors calling it a medium stroke, it knocked me on my rear-end for a good long while. After 6 months of rehab, recovery and acceptance, I started teaching at 50% again. The other 50% is a permanent vacation (sick-leave). I've experienced a huge improvement since D-Day, but my right side is still not what it used to be. That, and fatigue is an issue.


After two years of post-stroke teaching, in 2017, Anna and I talked about me quiting my day job and applying to the local university again. I wanted to take a creative writing course.


We agreed that I should give writing a chance. As much as I like teaching, I felt a liitle empty without a creative hobby. So, I quit a great job, applied to school and was accepted.


Next month, January 2019, the 3rd term starts. Not that I have dreams of being a professional... Ok, ok! You're right! Dreams? Yes. Hopes? Not really.


The thing is, writing makes me happy and I need a winter hobby. Despite Global Warming, this is Sweden. As it is with music, drawing and cooking, my hobbies need an audience. And that, dear reader, is where you and this site come in to play.  


Thanks for stopping by and please, don't be a stranger!

Drop me an email some time.


/John Matthew Dennis









Below, if curious, you can see a timeline of a few highlights from my life so far.


1966: Born in NY

late 70's: Morphed into a teenage dirtbag in Maryland

84: US Navy: 4 years (USS Orion, Italy & USS Spartanburg County, Virginia)

89: Moved to Sweden at 22

92: A star is born - Julia!

90-94: Pop musician (small in Japan)

95: Cooking school

96: Opened a restaurant

99: Sold restaurant

00: Wrote songs for a Musical for the National Theatre

01: Married the most beautiful woman in the world

02-06: Teachers’ College

06-13: Teacher

New Year's Eve 13/14: Had an annoying stroke

14-17: Teacher 50%

18: Started Creative Writing classes at Malmö University

19: first short story published here - www.shipwrightsreview.com